About Company

The factory provides bespoke furniture solutions for health, education & commercial industry. Our new hospitality department works on designing complete furniture solution for hotels. We also have dedicated units for producing quality wooden doors and steel cable tray solutions.

50+ Years of Experience with projects in over 11 countries

With experience of 50 years in manufacturing our strength lies in providing quality not only in our furniture, but also in our delivery schedules & after sales service. Our solutions have helped us reach clients in more than 11 countries globally and 100+ cities in Saudi Arabia.

SMF has truly shaken the modern furniture industry. With an ISO certified factory that is equipped with top-of-line latest machinery and houses more than 370 employees; we can guarantee quality production.

How we Work

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To provide the best service and be a leader in quality furniture manufacturing industry in the Gulf Region


Provide high quality furniture solutions for various Saudi & Gulf industries, whilst maintaining our excellent quality and competitive prices. Keep client satisfaction at the top with innovative solutions and utilizing modern day technology to advance in manufacturing

Business Concept

SMF is passionate about listening to clients’ needs and transforming them into tangible solutions. Our Engineers work round with clock with the contractors & architects to service them. Our quick response time with custom solutions helps fulfill their requirements.

We are proud of our excellent service and possess the following distinct capabilities.

Bespoke Solutions

Customized Solutions for any wood & steel furniture; designed to your needs

Mass Production Capability

Large factory equipped with latest machinery to serve mass production requirements

Delivery Excellence

Our delivery timelines always matches our clients requirements

Quality Guarantee

Certified factory where we source the best material to provide solutions that are high in quality

Competitive Pricing

With over 50 years of experience we have evolved to provide the best pricing for your job

After Sales Service

We don't end relation with our clients after delivery, our clients come back to us due to our exceptional after sales service

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