School Furniture

School Furniture


Saudi Modern Factory has over 50 years experience in manufacturing and designing educational and classroom furniture for the Government educational sector. Our portfolio consists of furnishing over 4,000 school projects and all major universities in the Kingdom. We manufacture some of our world leading school chairs and school desks right here in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

provided furniture for over 4,000 school projects and all major universities in the Kingdom

We understand that modern teaching environment places heavy demands on furniture and fittings, so we build quality and durability into everything we produce. For your convenience, our products are delivered assembled, ready for use.

We have been successful through listening to our customers, understanding their needs and producing market leading products to meet their requirements, such as;

Student desks, student chairs, teachers desks, library furniture, office and administrative furniture, computer room furniture, variety of steel cabinets, storage, display and general purpose tables.

Behind each SMF product is our genuine manufacturing culture which is focused on making products that have the latest ergonomics (Form), work at a practical level (Function) and are built to last (Quality).

Areas of Expertise

Large Manufacturing capability

Proven durability to last many years in the toughest school environments

Wood & Steel custom manufacturing

Experienced team that communicates efficiently on all product updates

Testing Facilities

Cost effectiveness through the latest manufacturing methods

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