Message from Management

Message from Management



“A Dream that Came True”

Saudi Modern Factory is now considered one of the oldest wood & steel furniture manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. Since our inception in 1965, we have only grown leaps and bounds. We still remember the day when we started with a capital of less than a million Riyals. Today our company’s equity is worth more than 100 million Saudi Riyals.

Our progress lies on the continuous evolution of the company; both in value and in assets. This contributed to sustainable growth, and in 2011, for the first time, we touched SAR 100 Million in sales.

Through time we enforced diversity in our operations by modernizing our machinery, developing our team and upgrading our warehouse to keep up with the modern requirements. A special thanks goes to our team who have been on the forefront of this success.

The company’s operations are built on a great vision of quality solutions and management. This is the core reason that we survive new competition and economic turmoil’s. Our excellent decision making skills have resulted in sustainable profits throughout. With commitment to quality services and solutions, we can see through tough times and support the country’s economy.

Our rich history and accumulated experience working with some of the largest organizations in Saudi Arabia, gives us the edge over our competition. With the influx of fresh blood in our management, we have reinvigorated our drive to achieve our objectives.


Message from Management



“Commitment to Quality is our reason for success”

At SMF, we believe that high quality service leads to high customer satisfaction. Our constant attention to detail provides our customers with peace of mind. All our solutions are designed to exceed customer’s satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the best quality, pricing, delivery and after-sales service.

We constantly innovate our team to increase quality & efficiency of our operation. Our constant drive for innovation comes from periodic quality management reviews, where we objectively evaluate our performance and find ways to improve.

The customized furniture industry has great potential. With an expert team in place and with the help of our key partners, our objective is to maximize our resource utilization, and improve in quality. Along with this, we are working on a vision to become the biggest wood and steel manufacturer in the Gulf region.

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