A Brief About Last Works Of The Factory Inside And   Outside The   Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia


The honor is be to the Saudi Modern Factory for the metal and wooden Furniture to introduce to your sovereignty a historical brief about the factory

The factory was established at 1385 A. H. , 40 years of experience , performance , progress and achieving ISO system in all our national products

The factory is concerned as the first in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the manufacturing of the wooden and metal furniture , whereas it went along with a group of technical progress by using the best ways and processes for the newest designs and all according to global and private specification

The factory takes the manufacturing of the next : All the office , school and governor furniture and furnishing the laboratories
Meeting halls , stages and the medical furniture and furniture of the storehouses
Producing the school tables according to the new system primary, preparatory and secondary

Producing the pieces of school tables sets for self maintenance
Producing furniture of school libraries and education sources
Producing the hotels and housing furniture

The Saudi Modern Factory Co. is a pioneer in manufacturing steel and wooden furniture within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company was founded in 1385 A. H. – 1965 during the past years the Saudi Modern Factory and other national factories have succeeded to reduce the import of foreign furniture because the high quality products especially in the field of schools, laboratories, and hospital furniture.

The Saudi Modern Factory has achieved the ISO 9001 : 2000 , in 2001 which helped in improving the quality management system which has reflected positively on our sales inside and outside the Kingdom.

We have exported our products to Yemen, Sudan, G.C.E countries, Lebanon, Jordan and Bangladesh.

1- Importing and Installing laboratories of Riyadh Criminal Evidences
2- Manufacturing, importing and installing the fingerprint laboratories of     criminal evidences branches in eighteen regions at 1425 A. H.
3- Furnishing the laboratories of Air Defense Forces Institute in the West     region, document number 1/k/2000
4- Manufacturing, importing and installing laboratories of Criminal     Evidences      in Riyadh, Hail, and Tabouk 1419 A. H.
5- Manufacturing and installing laboratories of the Technical Faculty, the     General establishment of the technical education and occupation     training. Riyadh 1419 A.H.
6- Manufacturing and importing laboratories of some school in Qatar.
7- Manufacturing and importing the office, school and labs furniture for     Faculty of Society in Yemen.
8- Manufacturing and importing labs of Zamar Medicine Faculty, Yemen.
9- Manufacturing and importing labs of Medical supervision, Ministry of     Health, Yemen.
10-Manufacturing and importing labs of the Technical Faculty, Riyadh Second Period.

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